sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

Reflections on week 2

I believe that when we choose to use a website in class it is essential to critically analyse the information found in these resources. It is surprising the amount of people that are likely to take information on the net at face value and are not aware of the need to question such information they are exposed to. Several people don’t realise that some of the information which they may come across is inaccurate. Critical thinking must be done in order to carry out a proper website evaluation, some of the questions that we, teachers, should ask ourselves when evaluating a website include: does the information seem to be accurate? Is the content dated? Is it easy to understand? Is the website easy to use? How quickly does the page load?

There were some aspects that I thought trough when evaluating a website before I did modules 3 and 4 but there were other aspects that I didn’t take into account such as if the site contained any advertising and whether it influenced content or not; the intended audience and where does the information originate from?

I will certainly consider all these aspects from now on when evaluating web resources.

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